Hello, my name is Matt Haney. Welcome to my personal site/portfolio. So what do I do? Lots of things. I am a web-developer, graphic artist, tinkerer, and lover of all things electronic. I span the gap from a personal computer instructor to general purpose coder. I love building visually appealing and out of the ordinary websites. My goal is implementing the newest advances in technology in visually stimulating ways.

Art and code has transcended the brochure style websites of old. In now are vibrant colors, large eye catching elements, single page websites (like this one), and mobile conscious design. Websites now are expected to load almost instantaneously. Technology has risen to seamlessly connect the designer with the end user. If you want a dolphin that takes flight morphing into an eagle, and drops eggs that turn into hot-air balloons....that is now possible by multiple means and native browser languages.

★Well Rounded ★Continually Learning ★Technology Wizard★

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