Prison Outreach


Incarceration is on the rise in our communities however, so is re-entry. Our reach goes inside prison walls to prepare inmates for successful re-entry and assist some to survive with integrity behind the walls of prison.

The re-entry focus is a direct correlation with the holistic approach of assisting our children, specifically those in the MICAH II program as well as another mechanism to reduce and prevent intergenerational incarceration. We employ a The Light In Tunnel Project

Genesis Pathway to Success (GPS)

The Light In The Tunnel (LIT):   Prison can be a dark and hopeless environment. We help the inmates to see the light before they get to the end of the tunnel.  Through our prison visits we take the Light of God’s Word into this darkness. Through the empowering Word of God, we transcend the darkness that many of the inmates see and lead them to the light of our gracious and forgiving God.

It is that light that we hope will be their guide while they perform, their court mandated time, once they are released, and during their reentry.  We are pleased to team up with the jails & prisons, correction officials, community leaders and other faith base organizations to improve the sustainability of inmates and prevent parolees from going back to prison, through direct service delivery and faith base initiative for successful re-entry. The Light In the Tunnel is our Prison Outreach Program.

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